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The Year of Faith.

By Faith, Health And Wellness, Inc.
Christmas Toy Giveaway

Who is By Faith, Health and Healing?

By Faith Health and Healing is a transformative force in Philadelphia, embodying a commitment to rebuilding, establishing, and sustaining healthy lifestyles across diverse communities in Kensington and throughout the city of Philadelphia. As a trauma-informed non-profit, the organization prioritizes optimum learning opportunities, fostering an environment where individuals can make informed decisions regarding their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and effectively address stress-related matters.

Youth Programs

This commitment is evident in programs like "Build a Brighter Future through the Art of Construction" and "A Village That Heals Youth Camp," designed to empower the younger generation with practical skills, motivation, and a sense of purpose in a trauma-sensitive manner.

Adult Programs 

By addressing the unique challenges faced by adults through initiatives like "Mothers Helping Mothers" and "Men of Power," By Faith Health and Healing continues to be a beacon of support. These trauma-informed programs create communities that prioritize healing and empowerment among adults, contributing significantly to the community’s overall well-being.

A Faithful Year

A testament to their commitment to community engagement is the annual Christmas toy giveaway, an event that brought joy to more than 275 families during the toy giveaway and brought healing to over 1000 families in Kensington and throughout the city of Philadelphia. This heartwarming gesture reflects By Faith, Health and Healing's dedication to spreading joy and warmth during the festive season, embodying the spirit of compassion and unity in a trauma-informed context.

In conclusion, By Faith Health and Healing's unwavering dedication to diversity, education, and trauma-informed empowerment is making a substantial impact on the lives of individuals in Philadelphia. Through thoughtfully designed youth and adult programs, the organization addresses immediate needs and lays the foundation for a healthier and more hopeful future. By providing life-sustaining tools and skills, By Faith Health and Healing, Inc exemplifies the transformative power of faith, health, and trauma-informed healing in building a resilient and empowered community.

For participation, donations, or more information about By Faith, Health and Healing. Inc., contact Brenda Mosley at

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By Faith Health and Healing.

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