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“I am not who other people say I am;

I am who God wants me to be.”

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"After getting clean and regaining custody of her daughter, Mosley began the process of opening a nonprofit to support children with disabilities and their families, like her daughter who lived with severe cerebral palsy. On the day she was set to finalize the process, her daughter passed away."- NKCDC


"Everything around the neighborhood in Kensington is about trauma. The drug addiction. The abuse, the other problems. I know what they are going through because I have gone through it. And there’s no other way to introduce trauma but to say, “trauma,” and to let people know what it is so that they can recognize it because either someone is living in trauma or they are not. If they are in it, and that stress is not relieved, that stress is piling on and piling on and it becomes toxic."


“You can [experience] a loss of many things: a pet, job, house, independence, loved ones. You learn how to process it in a natural way. There are stages, but loss is a lifetime process when you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one,” Mosley said.

We have overcome, and by the spirit of God’s love, we healed. We are Kensington: A village of soldiers.


Philadelphia Community Podcast

I spoke with Brenda Mosley, Executive Director of By Faith Health and Healing. Mosley is an extraordinary woman who survived sexual abuse as a young child, spent 30 years using drugs to numb the trauma, and experienced the grief of losing a daughter to cerebral palsy. We’ll let her tell her story of faith healing and resilience. You can see Brenda Mosley at By Faith Health and Healing at 2771 Ruth Street 19130 Suite 1, email or call 215-397-0431.

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