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By Faith, Health, & Healing Inc.



By Faith Health and Healing will provide optimum learning opportunities to rebuild, establish, and maintain healthy lifestyles, and healing mentally, physically, and spiritually. Empowering the community and the public with life-sustaining tools/skills, with quality education in making effective decisions on health and stress-related issues. Offering HOPE for the best life to be lived.

Founded by Brenda Mosley.

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In the spirit of diversity, all will learn how to make healthy choices, rebuild their lives, find hope, healing, and motivation, and make sure that all diversity is cared for mentally, physically, and spiritually



Through LOYALTY and DEDICATION, Equity and Equality has an established diverse organization that recognizes, offers and provides the public and community optimum quality of life care.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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